Thursday, April 26, 2012

Greater Prairie Chickens and Marbled Godwits

Also while in North Dakota we went in search of the Greater Prairie Chicken. We got before the crack of dawn and tried to wake up. We got in the car and headed north to the Greater Prairie Chicken Wildlife Management Area. We arrived around 5:30am and went out looking and hoping to spot them doing their mating display. It wasn't looking good and it was already 7am, we headed down one more road and came across this guy who was doing a census for the birds. Gary was very helpful and told us where to go to check for Prairie Chickens; he said he'd be over in a few moments. We went to the spot and Simon spotted them and as soon as we walked across the road they flew away. We did manage to get a few pictures but nothing good. Gary arrived and he told us of another place to look and also a place where Sharp-tailed Grouse are supposed to be. We did not have time to see them but are looking forward to going back there in the fall.

Marbled Godwit
As we were in search for the chickens we saw a shorebird that was a lifer; Marbled Godwits. They were all along the roadsides.

Marbled Godwit

We are now at 245 for the year and looking forward to what we will see next!

Happy Birding!!!

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