Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweetwater Wetlands

Molting Mourning Dove.
Very beautiful shot.
Song Sparrow
Hello everyone! It's been a few days since out last birding adventure! We went to Sweetwater Wetlands, where there was reports of a Peregrine Falcon. That would be a nice addition, but we did not see that falcon.

We did see a lot of dragonflies and other birds we already have on our list. I have some pictures of the things we saw there~

Arizona Cotton Rat

Pied-billed Greb

There was many interesting species there including a Pied-billed Grebe with two young chicks. They were so cute! We spent a good amount of time there taking pictures and enjoying watching them swim around.

After we left the Grebes we came across some Neotropic Cormorants and an American Coot sitting on her nest! Wish we could have gotten to see the babies but they hadn't hatched yet.

Neotropic Cormorant

Eastern Amberwing
Coot on her nest

We saw three different Arizona Cotton Rats on our way out. We have never seen them before. We also saw some different species of frog; not been able to identify it yet. Nice variety of nature was out and about in Sweetwater that morning, but by 8:30am we were sweating and it was time to get on the road.

Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson, Arizona

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