Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Beautiful Oregon Coast

The most amazing thing I think I have ever seen is the rocks that are along the Oregon coastline. Well maybe not rocks but boulders, cliffs, even the beaches are different! 
If you have never been to Oregon coast maybe you noticed the sand at some of the beaches are hard and not as soft as sand on the east coast! 
All the driftwood laying on the beaches is something I've never seen, and is actually amazing to me.

This is Three Arch Rock. 

The rock in the middle there is the first rock out in the water that I saw and when I saw it we were on a trail walking down to the Cape Meares Lighthouse. I ran over to the lookout and was very excited and couldn't stop smiling! It really was unlike anything I have ever seen! 

Cape Meares Lighthouse

The view from Cape Meares Lighthouse. On the right is Three Arch Rocks.

These two shots were taken on the Spruce Tree Trail at Cape Meares NWR.

Cannon Beach

 At Cannon Beach there was some rocks near the beach and plenty of people enjoying their day at the beach! 

Our last stop of the day was Lincoln City to see the Harbor Seals. We saw them and this nice pier behind Mo's Restaurant. 

We didn't really see much birds but we did see three lifers that day. Pacific Wren, Brandt's Cormorant, and Pelagic Cormorant. We didn't get good pictures at all so I won't be posting any of those!

Here is our best shot of the Harbor Seals!! So cute!! It was windy and cold when we got there to Lincoln City but we still watched and took pictures of them for about 20 minutes! Then we enjoyed a lovely meal at Mo's Restaurant, if you are ever in the area check it out.

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