Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Migration

Well we had a few delays, got held up by snow and road closures in Wyoming. But we made it through safe and sound. We have one more load to deliver this weekend and them one Monday after we rent the car we will be off on our birding adventure!

Tuesday we will be at High Island all day! Maybe swing up to Anahuac NWR to see if we can pick up the Ruff. A female was spotted there the other day! Once we are done birding on Tuesday we plan to drive overnight to McAllen, Texas where we will be staying until Friday, while we bird the World Bird Center sites.

Friday we plan to bird the Brownsville and South Padre Island areas until Monday. Then we will be heading back to Houston area where we will get back in our truck get back on the road.

I look forward to sharing my travels with you and hope you all enjoy the pictures I get next week!!

Have a super weekend!

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