Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wyoming Rest Area MM 401

Lazuli Bunting

I know I’m so far behind in our Texas reports but they are coming! I’m almost finished going through all the pictures!! Finally! Didn’t think I’d ever get them done! Here’s a report about our hiking!

Lark Sparrow
Today we stopped off at Wyoming rest area on I-80 MM 401. They have a little nature trail. So we grabbed our camera and hit the trail! The first thing we spotted was a Lazuli Bunting! Another Lifer!! We then left the trail in hopes of getting another shot of him.

Then we saw a Gray Catbird, Western Kingbirds, Violet-green Swallow, Lark Sparrow and Gray-blue Gnatcatchers during our hike. It was a very nice hike. Love going and exploring places like that. 

Two pictures stitched together.

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