Saturday, March 3, 2012

Presque Isle State Park Again!!

We saw hundreds of Grackles and Blackbirds in the trees!

March 1st was a cold and windy day to go birding, but that's actually what we did. We knew it would be a cold day and was glad that it wasn't raining. We stayed there for two to three hours only got two more birds for our big year but saw around twenty-five species. We took plenty of pictures and I'd like to share some with you~
Lesser Scaup
There was a small pond with some Canada Geese and a pair of Mallards. We also were trying to figure out what in the world was making this strange call; Red-winged Blackbird in a bush. We felt him/her alone to do whatever it is that birds do!

Common Goldeneye

American Robin

I couldn't believe the shot I got with my 500mm lens of this Goldeneye! Very nice shot if I say so myself. And the Common Goldeneye is a big year bird!

Four Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gull on the Right
Great Black-backed Gull

Here are some of the gull pictures. We are now up to 155 species for this year! Slowly but surely we are coming along with our Big Year! 
We are taking a week off of work in Maryland and plan to go birding! There are a few National Wildlife Refuges there and Assateague Island National Seashore. At the Assateague Island they are supposed to have wild horses!!!!!! So I'm hoping to see some shorebirds and WILD HORSES!! Have any of you been there I'd love to get some feedback on any places you know of in or around Maryland.
Tundra Swans
Happy Birding!!


  1. Actually looks like your Thayer's is a Herring Gull.

  2. Thanks David we have corrected it! ~Sara