Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New York City

Well no birding yet as I had hoped. Simon is on his 9th day of not smoking; using the patch. He hasn't been feeling like himself these last few days, but he is finally feeling a little better. Before he would point out every bird along the roadside. Yesterday he started spotting birds again or paying attention again! For example, three days ago I saw an eagle flying overhead and wasn't sure if it was a Golden or Bald Eagle. I didn't see any white on the head or tail, so it could have been juvenile Bald Eagle but also could have been a Golden Eagle. Simon showed really no interest so I'm happy he's feeling better and wanting to get out there again. If we have time we may stop at Presque Isle State Park at Erie, PA again.

Getting back to NYC! We were at Bellport, Long Island and had to get to Bridgeton, NJ so as Simon dealt with the traffic of the city I took pictures out my window of the city. I saw the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, NYC skyline, and a bunch of bridges (each one my hubby knew the name of).
Skyline with Cemetery

Here is a cemetery in front of the skyline.
And a black and white of the skyline.

Verazano Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

World's Fair
Old Fort It Looked Cool

These are a few of the interesting shots I got from yesterday hope you enjoy!
Happy Birding!!!!!

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