Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cackling Geese along with some Canada Geese on the right
Well recently we have been fairly inactive with birding, but my husbands tooth is getting better and I'm hoping we get more time to bird. We are down in Denver, Colorado today heading up to North Dakota. When we were handling our trailer being overweight we drove by these geese that happened to look Cackling Geese. The pictures are a little blurry but they are Cackling Geese!! Another lifer and that puts our Big Year to 152.

Rock Pigeon

We also saw an interesting Rock Pigeon the coloring on this one was cool. He/she was with a group of other Rock Pigeons and where hanging out at TA Truck Stop near the scale. Got a couple shot of this colorful bird, most people usually find these birds a bother. But not us, they can be quiet interesting to watch. as they walk they move there head back and forth and come in a wide variety of colors. Respect all living things and see the beauty that they have.
Happy Birding!!!

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