Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snowy Egret
The last few days have been every nice for us. We stopped off at Elbow Swamp outside of Orange, Texas there was a boardwalk and we got a Gray Catbird and Swamp Sparrow. The Swamp Sparrow was quiet a lifer for us and Simon's been trying to see that bird for awhile! Plus, we saw a group of Snowy Egrets and watched them feed for a little bit. As we were about to leave there was a couple walking out on the boardwalk and saw the Snowy Egrets; which he called 'Swamp Chicken.' I just smile and say 'not exactly' and just remember that not everyone is an avid birder like my husband and I. The egrets were so beautiful and some people just don't see it and that makes me kind of sad. 
Great-tailed Grackle
Gray Catbird
 I'm kind of a big nature person now.  I blame my husband ever sence we bought our first Nikon Camera I just can't seem to get enough of it. Even find myself feeling sad when I see places where the trees have been bulldozer for some reason or another; I mean that was some birdies home. I'm such a sap!

Well getting back to our big year, the swamp boardwalk was very cool it didn't go very far. But we could also hear some Kingfishers in the distance.

Swamp Sparrow

Black-crested Titmouse
Today we went birding behind a rest area in south Texas on Interstate 10. We saw some Western Scrub-Jays, Cedar Waxwings, Spotted Towhee and Mourning Doves; all which we have already seen this year. On a good note we spotted a Black-crested Titmouse! Very pretty little birdie!

After spotting that we had to head back to the truck and get back on the road. Once we got down the road a little ways we were admiring this cute little ranch and what pops out of the trees but a pair of CRESTED CARACARA'S I was so excited! I mean I think I saw these down in Florida last winter but was unable to get a shot of them and with the white on the underside of their wings they look similar to a Black Vulture. And keep in mind that down in Florida they where high in the sky and was unable to make out if they had white necks or little black heads!

Crested Caracara
So Simon ran across the Interstate and snapped a bunch of pictures and one of the Caracara's was very patience letting him take nearly 50 pictures! The picture quality is a little poor but they have baby blue beaks and orangeish color on their face, black crest, white throat and under tail. Very beautiful bird!! Well that was the last bird to report on an exciting day of slow birding. Our number is steadily climbing and so is our life list!! 141 this year and I'd say we are doing great! As always happy birding!!!

Snowy Egret with some lunch

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