Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too Cold!!

Well, we went birding yesterday but didn't get very far as we were battling three foot of snow in Wyoming. There's this rest area along Interstate 80 and there's a wooded area where we got some lifers last summer, but not this year. We walked the quarter of a mile to the line of trees and were beginning to sink in making it very hard to walk and breath; since I have asthma. But we decided to check out the level of snow in the woods and make the decision to go further or turn around.  Simon had told me earlier that he had saw an owl flying over the trees so I really wanted to get an owl! We tried a couple different spots to get into the forest but the snow was just to deep. We rested for a few minutes listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and headed back to the truck empty handed.

Today we will not be going birding because its to cold out and we have to make it to California tonight. But tomorrow we plan to stop at Santa Anna River, Santa Anna, CA. We went there last fall and saw quiet a few birds! Until then, happy birding!!!

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