Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rouen Duck
Well no birding today. I got done at the dentist from them cleaning the left side of my mouth; yesterday they did the right side, we had to rush out the door and go 90 miles south to pick up our next load. We are happy to get back out on the road but we were really looking forward to a few places around Ogden, UT. But as we were getting to the shipper there was a pond on the side of the street in front of this other shipper which had some white ducks maybe geese and Canada Geese. We got loaded and on our way out we snapped a few photos.
One of the male Mallards, or what looks like a Mallard, was the size of Godzilla! There is a female Mallard stand in front of him for a size comparison.

Well I have just learned what these ducks are actually called! But I like Godzilla Mallard! Happy Birding everyone!!

Pekin, Rouen, and female Mallard Ducks

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