Saturday, February 25, 2012


It has come to my attention that I have misidentified two of our birds on our blog. But luckily this does not affect our number. The first was down in Arizona. We had thought a thrasher was a Crissal Thrasher but it turns out it was a Curve-billed Thrasher. The second was down in Fort Worth,Texas. This was an ID that I actually identified right away when I took the picture; I've seen this interesting bird in the book and at the time was 100% sure it was an Ovenbird. Later on as we were preparing to go out birding at Elephant Butte, NM, I was doing some research on what some of the birds I was not familiar with looked like that we could expect to see there and one of them was the Hermit Thrush. And there was my "Ovenbird" from Texas. I have now corrected the post and am sorry for any inconvenience.
Happy Birding!!

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