Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 Hawks and 1 Falcon!

Red-tailed Hawk

Well we started out a little slow seeing a lot of Red-tailed Hawks. Then Simon spotted a Prairie Falcon and then a Cooper's Hawk. After identifying these raptors we stopped off at a rest area in Missouri.. There we spotted a pair of White-throated Sparrows perched in a tree. Then we recognized the call of a Red-shouldered Hawk! We listened and searched the sky for the raptor and then heard it's mate calling back to it. We spotted the Red-shouldered Hawk soaring above up and then we saw them both. After they flew off to far to watch them we headed over to some trees hope for as much action as we had seen a few weeks ago at this location. All we found there was Tufted Titmice and Red-bellied Woodpecker. Starting to head back to the truck we hear a wonderful bird calling out, as we searched the trees we finally found the beauty; European Starling.
European Starling
I was actually amazed at how well the photo of the Starling came out, I've been practicing with a new lens. This lens is about a foot long and its all manual focus so I can't rely on auto focus. Also when taking pictures of birds it's actually better to use manual focus because you never know what your camera is focusing in on. So as it turns out I am very pleased with the outcome of that picture! It is defiantly a learning experience learning the camera settings but look forward to learning the camera as this big year continues! With these three raptors today that brings our count to 116!
Happy Birding!

Red-shouldered Hawk

Cooper's Hawk Juvenile

Along the way we noticed a pond behind a truck stop right before we got onto the Oklahoma Turnpike. We've seen these birds all over North America but always nice to get some good pictures of them.
Ring-billed Gulls

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