Sunday, January 15, 2012

Presque Isle State Park

Last week was full of surprises we got quiet a few birds. We stopped off at Presque Isle State Park Erie, PA. We missed our turn where we were going to drop our trailer and bobtail(just the semi) through the park but that didn't happen. So we drove all seventy foot of trailer and semi through the park without any problems thankfully. At our first stop we saw a swan floating along sleeping. There was a lady who side she had been there for a while waiting for the swan to lift his head up,but then some military choppers flew overhead and he lifted his head and flapped his wings once and put his head back down. Our first swan and another lifer; Mute Swan!
Mute Swan

We also saw lots if Ring-billed Gulls, Coots (of course), Ring-necked Ducks and Greater Scaups. Not as good as I was hoping for but we will defiantly have to go back there in the spring.We walked on the beaches and didn't see any shorebirds must be too cold in PA. The last beach we walked on we saw some Herring Gulls.
Herring Gull

 We only had a few hours there as we were on our way to New York and then Vermont.  That's the thing about being a truck driver there is always some place where the freight needs to be. We didn't get much birding done in New York but in Vermont we were passing the small town of Swainton, Vermont and we spotted a pair of Snow geese and three Common Mergansers. On our way back through New York state we saw about 4 Wild Turkeys and some domestic swans with some mallards and Cackling Geese.
Domestic Geese with a Cackling Goose
Wild Turkey
We had decided to stop off at Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge and will try you all about it tomorrow! Good night world and happy birding!

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