Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 of our big year we are on our way to Portland, OR and having a little bit of trouble getting there. The chain law is in effect so last night the chains went on two tires. But this morning as we continue for our destination we hear a strange noise; the chains were wrapped around the axle. After we took the chains off we got further down the road and hear another weird noise coming from the tires, but we were just a little bit from our fuel stop so we just waited till then. Once we arrived there we found out that we need to get our tired repaired. Luckily just the valve stem so once we got into the shop it only took 20 minutes; but took 1 1/2 hour to get into the shop. This gave Simon time to go check out some sparrows that I had spotted behind some trucks. I opted to stay in the truck because there was ice on top of the snow and there was a drop off behind the trucks and I've fallen enough times already this year.
When he came I went through his pictures and saw very excited to see a new sparrow for us. Finally a new sparrow!!! Golden-crowned Sparrow. He only saw the female but the male has black strips instead of the brown strips on the head.
Golden-crowned sparrow
He also got some more Dark-eyed Juncos and Black-crowned Sparrow. We got the Oregon Group of the Dark-eyed Junco species. Some birds have subspecies and some do not. The Junco has five different subspecies; Slate-colored Group, Oregon Group, Pink-sided Group, Gray-headed Group, and White-winged Group. We now have all except the White-winged and Gray-headed Groups.
Dark-eyed Junco~Oregon Group

As we drove along the Columbia River we saw what looked like a Western Grebe but we are not counting it since we could not confirm that it wasn't Clark's Grebe. But Clark's Grebe isn't up here in the winter but I'm still not counting him. We finally made it to Portland so I hope everyone has a fabulous day and stay warm! We are so happy we hit 100 today!! Thank you Golden-crowned Sparrow for being number 100!

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